Turbidity measuring device - TURBIMESS - for hygienic applications



  • output signal 4…20 ma, 3-wire
  • rugged and compact construction according to protection type ip 67
  • varivent process connection for simple equipment and retrofitting
  • typical application areas: dairy products, ice cream, liquid food products, pharmaceutical liquids


The TURBIMESS is an optical sensor for direct installation into process pipes. The sensor sends a light beam and measures the backscatter caused by solids and other particles in the medium. The resulting scattering of the light is registered with a highly sensitive infrared receiver and processed by a powerful microprocessor. The output corresponding to the degree of scattering is provided in the range of 4…20 mA. The TURBIMESS is completely housed in stainless steel.
The principle described above allows the TURBIMESS to determine the exact change from water to a product. This is its main application. The TURBIMESS can detect a product change when the products have a different content of solids. The fat content in products such as skim milk, low-fat or full milk can be monitored to determine the product quality.
The most common calibrations of the TURBIMESS contain data points for water, skim milk, low-fat and full milk. The signal for the highest fat content is standardised at 20 mA.