Turbidity sensor TURBIMESS NG


TURBIMESS NG is an optical sensor measuring the reflected radiation arising from particles or fat droplets in liquid media.

Typical applications

  • detection of product change
    (e.g. milk – cream – whey)
  • continuous monitoring of e.g. milk fat content / quality inspection 
  • monitoring of the cleaning agents’ pollution degree during CIP
  • detection of filter breakdown
  • detection of yeast and cloudy fruit juice


  • turbidity sensor with 2-wire 4….20 mA output
  • process connections Clamp; Varivent; DIN 11851
  • 2 individual programmable switch-points with status LEDs
  • integrated LED display
  • easy parametrizing with three push buttons
  • compact hygenic design made in stainless steel
  • 2 operating modes:
    - NTU mode (linear) for turbidities between 0 and 4.000 NTU 
    - 9 selectable support points for fat contents up to 30%
  • temperature resistant long-term: 125°C /short-term 150°C