Intelligent differential pressure transmitter
- Type KERADIFF 100 / 140 / 150 -



  • for measuring differential pressure, filling levels and flow
  • rapid use as a result of comfortable and simple operation
  • 4…20 ma, Hart® or Profibus output
  • measuring ranges from 1 mbar to 40 bar
  • high measuring accuracy < 0.1%
  • turndown 100 : 1
  • various process connections


The KERADIFF 140 has a robust, highly overload-resistant silicon sensor with an outstanding capacity for high measuring accuracy, vacuum resistance and reliability for all long-term stable measurements. The high-performance measuring system is used to measure differential pressure, filling levels and flow, in connection with differential pressure transmitters, for gases, vapours and liquids, including in Ex applications. The devices are suitable for differential pressure as well as for positive and negative overpressure.

Medium- and process-suitable materials as well as different design variants allow the use of these devices with corrosive or abrasive media, as well as for processes with high aseptic requirements (e.g. in the food or pharmaceutical industry). Flush-mounted versions and pressure transmitters for almost all process connections are available for filling level applications.
Various types of measuring cells for graded measuring ranges ranging from 10 mbar, PN 160 bar, to 40 bar, PN 420 bar, thus allowing for optimal adaptation to the process conditions.

The digital communication signal (HART® protocol) can be superimposed onto the 4...20 mA signal and offers all information required for teleparametrisation (smart technology), as well as the version with the Profibus PA.