Capacitive level probe Type NCT


  • capacitive continuous fluid level measurement of fluid media
  • hygiene-compliant installed version
  • ip67 & ip69k stainless-steel housing
  • easy calibration, maintenance-free
  • installation lengths of 400mm to 2000mm
  • fully sealed electronics


The NCT capacitive level probe operates based on the capacitor principle and is suitable for the continuous measurement of conductive and non-conductive media, e.g. milk, beer, fresh water, etc. The NCT provides an analogue 4...20mA output signal.
Thanks to its hygienic design with elastomer-free sealing cone as a process connection, there are no mounting parts where residues can gather. The probe is therefore easy to clean and is left completely free from residues. In the HT version, the NCT capacitive level probe can also withstand high temperatures, such as in SIP and CIP cleaning processes. Through the stainless-steel field casing rated IP67 and IP69K and the fully sealed electronics, the NCT is optimally protected against moisture. This means that the capacitive level probe is suitable for use in the food and pharmaceutical industries.
Measurement is based on the change in capacitance of a capacitor (which in this case consists of the NCT rod probe and the tank wall). This change in capacitance is caused by the rise or fall of the dielectric fluid, the medium in this case. As the coverage of the rod probe increases, the capacitance of the capacitor grows.
With the help of an infrared remote control, the NCT capacitive level probe can quickly be adjusted to the minimum and maximum value.
The NCT capacitive level probe is particularly suitable for measurements in small tanks and containers where pressure measurement procedures are not possible.