Capacitive level probe

Leveltec S


  • level detection in fluids, pump protection, protection against dry run, empty / full indication
  • installation with different process connections with respect of hygienic aspects
  • constant switch-point without any alignment
  • direct connection to SPS or PLS
  • foam and perspiration water are not detected
  • reliable operation even in adhesive media by parameterization of both on and off condition


The product family of level probes Leveltec of the types Standard S is used for level monitoring and for dry run protection with non conductive media. The capacitive measuring method allows a wide application range also with changing media. An electromagnetic wave penetrates the media and depending on the dielectric constant ε the propagation time of the electromagnetic wave is influenced. Crusts, foam and condensate are not detected.

The output signal can be connected directly to a SPS or PLS for processing. The adaption to the process with respect of hygienic aspects is asured by a proper selection of the welding parts and front flat assembly to the process. The adoption of sockets for vibrating forks is possible. Due to the resistance against cleaning temperatures sterilisations and CIP cleaning cycles are executable.