HART® head temperature transmitter
- Type TE 52 -



  • universally programmable with HART®protocol for Pt100, thermoelements and voltage transmitters
  • HART®-protocol for device control on site or from a control station with a hand-held device or pc
  • 2-wire technology, analogue output 4...20 mA
  • high accuracy in the whole measuring range
  • usable with all pt 100 design types
  • linearisation, adaptation to characteristics, galvanic separation


The HART® head-temperature transmitter Type TE 52 is used for electronic sensing and conversion of various input signals for industrial temperature measurement with application areas such as measuring, control and regulating technology to control industrial processes. The HART® head-temperature transmitter is a 2-wire measuring transmitter with an analogue output for resistance thermometers in 2-, 3- or 4-wire circuits, for thermo-elements or voltage transmitters. Setting or programming is performed with the HART® protocol using a hand-held device or a PC with special programming and operating software. Additional benefits of the TE 52 are customer-specific linearisation, adaptation to characteristics as well as failure information in the event of a sensor breakage.