Resistance thermometer
QUICKTEMP system - type TP60/TW39...T500



  • quality assurance tests and retooling without process interruption and without loosening the electrical wiring.
  • exchangeable measuring insert with spring bearings and metallic contact.
  • programmable transmitter (4-20 ma, profibus, hard or resistance output with 2, 3 or 4 wire system)
  • various designs for appropriate installation, adaptation to existing measuring points without design changes.
  • quick response times due to tapered sensor tips


The QUICKTEMP temperature sensor with the "easy connect" function makes QA tests and repair and maintenance work possible without having to interrupt the process and open the measuring point. The entire device, including the connection head and measuring insert can be taken out of the process without loosening the electrical cables. This saves time and resources.

The measuring insert is a PT100 sensor with spring bearings and metallic contacts to ensure good heat transmission and short response times. The design of the Quicktemp system is based on one basic device with various fitting lengths or process connections, assuming defined fitting lengths. For the user, this guarantees a high degree of flexibility, while at the same time minimising the storage costs.

Application-appropriate fitting lengths and process connections are available. The temperature sensor can be designed as a resistance output (2, 3, or 4 wires, double PT100) or be equipped with a TE 42, HART (TE 52) or Profibus PA (TE 82) transmitter. Versions with double transmitters and the corresponding casing are also available.