Level module for installation in level probes
- type nm -



  • for installation in level probes NKS
  • connection with PLC possible
  • sensitivity adjustable
    0,1 KΩ....100 KΩ
  • low installation costs


The encapsulated level module nm is used to evaluate single levels in the conductive level probes. It is directly installed into the connection head of the level probes. Level indication “full” is generated by contact of the probe with the conducting medium between probe and ground (metall connection), resulting in a conducting circuit, converted in a DC-switch signal. Level indication “empty” is generated when the probe is not covered any more by the medium. This signal can be directly evaluated and processed by a PLC-system. The direct mounting of the modules in the connection head means cost reduction because of easy electrical installation and mounting as well as excellent EMC performance. Therefore additional devices for cabinet assemblies are not necessary.